What it means to be an Affirming Church!


What is an Affirming Ministry?

Affirming ministries are congregations, presbyteries, Conferences, educational institutions, and other ministries within the United Church that publicly declare their commitment to inclusion and justice for people of all sexual orientations about sexuality and gender, their commitment to justice is far broader.  We continually grow and change as we seek to live more fully into God’s way of welcome, love and justice for creation.  Just as God rejoices in the goodness and diversity of creation, so too, Affirming Ministries honour and celebrate diversity.


One justice is not seen any more important than another, for in our culture of prejudice and power, injustices are interwoven and often mutually reinforcing.  Work for change happens in many ways and in many contexts.  Affirming Ministries work in many different ways, towards healing and wholeness of class creation, challenging bias and discrimination based on appearance, culture, class or age, working to end racism, promoting economic justice, increasing accessibility, or caring for our planet.  Affirming Ministries seek to go beyond issues of gender diversity and sexual orientation to work for justice for all people.


Affirming Ministries provide information, acceptance, support and justice-making for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people and their families. These ministries declare, in words and actions, that God loves and accepts people who are lesbian, bisexual and transgender as much as anyone else. They call upon the rest of the church and society to do the same.